In loving memory of LW Wooten

Larry Wayne (LW) Wooten, Texas, 10 December 1958 – 21 October 2010

LW my dear friend, we will never forget you. LW and I were friends for nearly twelve years, almost the whole of the time he was on death row. In my first letter to him, I told him the story of the rainbow. I'd been walking through the park, wondering whether I could be a penfriend for someone on death row, turning the idea over and over in my mind. I was sure in my heart, but I asked to be given a sign. I walked around the corner and there in front of me was the most beautiful rainbow!

That was our sign and the beginning of our long friendship. LW loved this story. Every time we saw a rainbow we thought of him and took a photo to send to him, he must have had quite a collection of rainbow pictures. Shortly before his execution, LW sent me a beautiful poem, "Rainbow’s End," by Vera Gilman. The last line reads, "Life, my friend, is our pot of gold."

LW maintained his innocence to the end. He wanted so much to be allowed to live, but sadly this was not to be. At the age of 51, on October 21 2010, he was executed by the State of Texas.

His beautiful strong faith helped to sustain him during his long years in prison. His final words were, "You can go ahead and send me home to my Heavenly Father."

Rest gently in peace dear LW – this world is a poorer place without you.